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Exploring Rocks

on May 10, 2018

We are marrying science, reading, and writing again this week with a rock study. Students were able to use scientist tools (balance, rulers, and magnifying glasses) to help them explore their rocks and learn about the properties. They took what they leaned and recorded info about their rocks. Research served as a great way to learn more about how rocks were formed and what we use them for. We even took it a step further and busted geodes with hammers and safety goggles, of course. The crystals discovered inside was a highlight of our day… ok, year! Check out the fun below!


Smashing Geodes!

The kids were dying to know where I got the geodes from. I told them I would post the Amazon link just in case parents or grandparents wanted to order a set.

*Side Note: One students called it “Amazing-On” because “everything you by there is amazing”. I’m thinking he’s right.



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