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on October 10, 2017

We recently wrapped up our science study on matter. We discussed what matter is as well as the 3 states of matter, but the play part… I mean interesting investigation portion… came when we discussed how matter cane change from one state to another. Check out the picture of our ice melting contest. Students had to brainstorm all the different ways they could melt ice and determine which ways would work within the 4 walls of our classroom. I must say, that got pretty creative!

Fun Friday rolled around and we had one more exciting surprise to help solid, liquid, and gas stick with us. A root beer float party!! The root beer’s fizz was the gas, the ice cream was the solid, and the root beer itself was the liquid. We took our science treat outside to avoid a mess, and to our surprise, the Kindergartners were outside. They asked our big kids what they had and why. My heart was so happy when my 2nd graders explained it perfectly. Check out the videos to see my girls explaining their “big kid stuff” to a younger friends. I wish I could have caught more of them explaining.

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