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Elmo Coin Rap

We are continuing to work hard on identifying coins, their values, and adding collections of coins up to $1.00. Check out Elmo’s Coin Rap from class. It’s a catchy tune that has been helpful to our classmates.

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Week 5~ September 17

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Week 4~ September 10

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Coin Song

We’ve been watching “Hey, Honey Bunny” to help us identify coins and know their value. Check it out at home!


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Week of September 4-7

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Week of August 27

I cannot believe we are moving into week 3 of school. It’s flying by so fast, and we have a wonderful group! I wanted to share some of the pictures I took this past week but didn’t have a chance to upload in Seesaw. Check out what we’ve been up to!

We’ve been working on reviewing 1st grade sight words and adding some new 2nd grade ones to our word wall. We were able to play Sight Word Bingo to help us review.


I hope you were able to check out our Peanut Butter & Jelly Song on Seesaw. The kids have been doing a great job of spreading out and working hard during stations. Eating some PB&J’s made this lesson yummy and extra special!



Our spelling words for our first spelling test will be sight words and long vowel with final e words. (This first test will just be an introduction of what to expect on spelling test days.) We had a very brave friend who volunteered to be “Super Sneaky E” for our phonics lesson. She came to the long vowels rescue and helped them “say their name”. What a fun way to help us practice this spelling pattern.

We’ve integrated iPad Osmo games into our math stations. They have been a hit! Our crew has also become very familiar with visualizing as they read. We read a short passage and then the students had to draw details of what they were imagining. They were then able to turn & talk about what they were visualizing. We know that good illustrations compliment the words written by the author.


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Work Work Station

We were introduced to a new station today… word work. The students loved getting to participate in the fun activities. This also served as a great time to practice some fine motor skills. Ask your student which activity was their favorite!

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Meet Our Crew

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Morning Meeting Begins Monday

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Maroon Platoon

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