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“Me Bag” Presentations

Our first homework assignment gave our classmates a chance to learn more about one another. Students were asked to bring 2 items, small enough to fit in their paper bag, that would help us learn something new about them. The items ranged from pictures to stuffed animals, from X-Box controllers to Legos. The students had a lot of fun presenting and making new friends.



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Week 1

We are still working on our campus and classroom procedures this week. On Monday we discussed how we wanted to be treated, and talked about how we should treat others as well. I was so proud many of your children knew about the Golden Rule. Rule #1 in our classroom is treat others with respect. We read Chrysanthemum and did a kind words experiment. We spoke kindly to the apple on the left, and then spoke rudely, modeling what we should not say to friends, to the apple on the right. We then cut the apples open and discovered that words can really hurt on the inside. Check out that yucky apple that didn’t get much love below (right).


We’ve also been exploring our math tools during the afternoon. We came up with out own definition for math tools: Anything that can help you find the right answer, except your friend. I have some quite humorous friends this year. I’m adoring their sweet and funny personalities! We also watched a subitizing math video earlier in the week. Feel free to check it out here ( This is a great way to get your student practicing their automaticity skills.



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What Do Good Readers Do?

Our focus in reading this week has revolved around what all good readers do. We’ve identified that they do much more than just read the words. They have bubbling brains while they visualize, predict, infer, make connections, summarize, and ask questions while reading. We completed two “bubbling brain” experiments to help us remember reading brains are bubbling with information!

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Brain Break

We’ve enjoyed taking break from learning while we sing and dance along to some Go Noodle songs. Purple Stew, Milkshake, and Pop Si Ko see to be some popular choices with our group. Ask your student if they can sing some of the silly songs for you!

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Back to School

School is back in full swing and I have enjoyed my new group of 2nd graders so much! This is going to be a wonderful school year. Check out how busy they were on the first day of school. We worked on a ‘Welcome to 2nd Grade’ booklet, read and drank Jitter Juice, and chased the Gingerbread Man around the school on a fast paced tour. Keep checking back to see what else we’ve been up to, or follow your individual student on our classroom’s Seesaw app. (Email me or send a note if you’ve misplaced your log in info.)


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~Puzzle & Game Day~

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Class Candy Awards

We took some time this morning to celebrate all of our student’s successes with some Candy Awards. Students were happy to join Mrs. Mann’s class and stroll down the red carpet, feel like a rock star, and receive a special treat based on their personality, achievements, and sweet characteristics. 


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Senior Walk

Our students made posters and cheered on the 2018 Senior Class as they walked the halls. We are so proud of their accomplishments. Way to go, seniors!


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Planetarium Field Trip & Space Study

Our field trip to the planetarium last week was out of this world (pun intended!). The students were so well behaved and soaked up so much information about the moon phases, planets, and our solar system. We enjoyed a nice picnic lunch and play time at the park afterwards.


After our field trip, students were able to research a planet of their choice and present factual info to the class. Check out their awesome posters & a 3D solar system model made by Ryder.

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Today we…

We lernd about planets and we reserched about them. My favrit part was to lern about pluto.

By: Avery

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