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~Puzzle & Game Day~

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Class Candy Awards

We took some time this morning to celebrate all of our student’s successes with some Candy Awards. Students were happy to join Mrs. Mann’s class and stroll down the red carpet, feel like a rock star, and receive a special treat based on their personality, achievements, and sweet characteristics. 


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Senior Walk

Our students made posters and cheered on the 2018 Senior Class as they walked the halls. We are so proud of their accomplishments. Way to go, seniors!


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Planetarium Field Trip & Space Study

Our field trip to the planetarium last week was out of this world (pun intended!). The students were so well behaved and soaked up so much information about the moon phases, planets, and our solar system. We enjoyed a nice picnic lunch and play time at the park afterwards.


After our field trip, students were able to research a planet of their choice and present factual info to the class. Check out their awesome posters & a 3D solar system model made by Ryder.

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Today we…

We lernd about planets and we reserched about them. My favrit part was to lern about pluto.

By: Avery

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FIeld Trip Reminder

Who: 2nd Graders
What: Field Trip
When: Wednesday, May 16
Where: Planetarium in Tyler, TX

8:30 Load Buses & Leave
9:30-11:30 Planetarium Experience
11:45 Lunch at Bergfeld Park

*Due to limited space in the Planetarium and the City of Tyler fire code, no parents will be admitted to the Planetarium. Parents are welcome to join us for lunch at Bergfeld Park. From here you can sign your student out with me.

*Send a sack lunch and closable drink with your student’s name clearly labeled on both. I will not have time to write your students name on items the morning of. Thanks for your help!

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Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday are STAAR testing days. Please do not plan to eat lunch with your student on theses days . Thank you for help!

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Today we…

Today we crushed geodes and we saw crystals inside. You can get them on amazon for $10.49.

By: Brooklyn


Brooklyn’s right. The geodes are available for purchase at Amazon. I’m including the link because so many of the kids were convinced you all would want to order them some.

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Exploring Rocks

We are marrying science, reading, and writing again this week with a rock study. Students were able to use scientist tools (balance, rulers, and magnifying glasses) to help them explore their rocks and learn about the properties. They took what they leaned and recorded info about their rocks. Research served as a great way to learn more about how rocks were formed and what we use them for. We even took it a step further and busted geodes with hammers and safety goggles, of course. The crystals discovered inside was a highlight of our day… ok, year! Check out the fun below!


Smashing Geodes!

The kids were dying to know where I got the geodes from. I told them I would post the Amazon link just in case parents or grandparents wanted to order a set.

*Side Note: One students called it “Amazing-On” because “everything you by there is amazing”. I’m thinking he’s right.



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Today we…

Today our last butterfly hached out of its cucoon. We had 5 totle butterflys. They all are Painted Ladei butterflys.

By Taran

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