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Tikki Tikki Tembo

We began our study over Folktales today by reading Tikki Tikki Tembo, a story from the Chinese culture. The legend explains the meaning of its character’s names along with the reason why Chinese parents traditional give their children short names. Ask your student to tell you the rest! After reading we made connections to the text by finding out what our names mean and their origin. The kids were super excited to research their own name.

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Softball Sign Ups!

If your daughter is interested in softball sign up, please pick up a form in the Primary office.

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Happy 100

I cannot believe we’ve already made it to the 100th day of school! Monday was full of celebratory activities. Take a peek…  

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Notes for the Week

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Snowball Fight!!!!

We are glad to have an entire week without the flu or without snow. But we are still celebrating winter weather this week with a good ole’ snowball fight. The snowballs had subtraction problems on them. Students were expected to solve the subtraction problem and then check with an addition problem. Some students were able to create an entire fact family from just the one given problem. We had a lot of fun!

Click the links below to watch a short video of the action.

IMG_9835-161zrpm          IMG_9830-2la6g66

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Surgery in 2nd Grade?!

We’ve been working on building and reading contraction. Yesterday we performed surgery on words to make contractions. I think we have some future doctors in our classroom. Check out the fun!

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Notes This Week

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HOMEWORK… Help Save the Trees!

We are working really hard to help save some trees. You’ll notice your student’s spelling homework will now be on notebook paper. They are to write each spelling word 3 times each, and create one well thought out sentence that includes as many spelling words as possible. Feel free to use the “spelling ideas” sheet in their binder to come up with a more creative method if your student craves something a bit different. Also, homework is not a must, but it does earn students a ticket… which they love!

Classroom news letters and monthly menus will no longer be sent home either. Check out our blog to keep up with info the news letter would have provided. To view the breakfast and lunch menu, go here: 

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Race Car Graphing

On Friday the race was on! We predicted which race car would be the winner.  Students used data cards to find the race results. Later, the cards were used to create a pictograph.

Bar graphs were created based on the collected data. 

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Creating Graphs

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