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Meet Our Crew

We thrived through our first full week. I must say, this group has some pretty cool kids! Take a moment to get to know them. (Click picture to enlarge for easier reading.)

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Brain Breaks… Even the Teacher Needs Them

We needed a little movement in our day (Tuesday). Koo Koo Kangaroo came to the rescue. Check them out on YouTube here¬† I danced along with the kids. Some laughed, some had a mouth dropping moment… it was fun!

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Amazing 1st Week!

Last week was nothing short of amazing. I am so fortunate to be a part of White Oak Primary and feel very privileged to have your student this year in my class. To get to know one another better, we went on a “find a friend scavenger hunt”. I hope you saw this in your student’s Take Home Binder. This would be a great conversation starter at home!

(*Thank you for those of you who returned your permission slip to have your student’s picture published on my blog. Don’t see your sweetie here? Stick around for more pictures during the week.)

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Newbie to the Blog World

I’m a newbie to blogging through WO. Please be patient with me as my blog is under construction. Thank you so much!

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