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Christopher Columbus (Chatter Pix)

If your student came home raving about our Chatter Pix project, then you’re probably wanting to know more. We spent a week researching Christopher Columbus and the details of his voyage to America. Your student had 30 seconds to be Christopher Columbus and explain some of their reserach findings. Chatter Pix offered a fun little twist. View my You Tube channel by clicking the link below. Find the Christopher Columbus video that begins with your child’s initials, and you’ll be good to go!


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October 16-20

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Our Kids are Famous!

We started our readers theater station a few weeks ago. My favorite thing about this station (and the kids too!) is they become famous movie stars. They are allowed to practice reading with a partner of choice, and then video themselves presenting it. With this activity, we are working on our reading fluency, expression, and reading where our conversation sounds very natural. I’m so impressed with their videography skills– they set up the camera, check for angles, sound, etc. I’m also blow away by their acting skills! Some of our classmates are going to win an Academy Award one day. Check out their work below.




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This Stuff MATTERS

We recently wrapped up our science study on matter. We discussed what matter is as well as the 3 states of matter, but the play part… I mean interesting investigation portion… came when we discussed how matter cane change from one state to another. Check out the picture of our ice melting contest. Students had to brainstorm all the different ways they could melt ice and determine which ways would work within the 4 walls of our classroom. I must say, that got pretty creative!

Fun Friday rolled around and we had one more exciting surprise to help solid, liquid, and gas stick with us. A root beer float party!! The root beer’s fizz was the gas, the ice cream was the solid, and the root beer itself was the liquid. We took our science treat outside to avoid a mess, and to our surprise, the Kindergartners were outside. They asked our big kids what they had and why. My heart was so happy when my 2nd graders explained it perfectly. Check out the videos to see my girls explaining their “big kid stuff” to a younger friends. I wish I could have caught more of them explaining.

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Week of October 9

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Class Project Help

Our first Donors Choose project has been completely funded. Thank you to the 3 donors that made this possible!

The second project our class is trying to complete is still open for donations. $2 to $20, anything you are able to contribute is appreciated. Follow this link, search “iPad For Our Class”, make a monetary donation or simply vote that you’d like this project to succeed. You can vote daily from an email address, and enter Sonic codes as extra votes. Thank you for helping me make our student’s learning fun!


Copy and paste this link:

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Limeades for Learning

Sonic’s Limeades for Learning voting is now open! If you go to Sonic, please get stickers with codes on them. If you ask nicely they may give you a few extra. Go to and search for our classroom project. It’s called “iPad for Our Class”. Vote with your sticker codes. You also get 3 free votes per day with your email address… no sticker code needed. Thank you for helping support our student’s learning!

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Week of September 25

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Week 2 Fun!

The weeks sure are flying by! We are already in week 3 of the school year, but I want to back track a bit and tell you more about last week. To kick off our Writer’s Work Shop we began making lists of our favorite people, places, and things. We called these our heart maps because they can help guide our hearts to write about something we truly love. This was a great way to introduce nouns as well. ¬†

We’ve been focusing a lot on “bubbling brains”. When we read, our brains should be bubbling with images, questions, predictions, etc. I read the students a super silly poem but would not show them the picture! They had to visualize what they were hearing and draw it. I love how they all turned out differently, but were still right on point with the details given in the poem. Ask your student about the poem “My Neighbor’s Dog” if you missed it on Wednesday’s poetry night.

Friday was full of fun! Our writing mini lesson included labeling. You student had the opportunity to label pictures, posters, and even ME!! We have discussed that labeling can tell more about the picture or help the audience understand an unclear illustration. Thank you to my 7 year old friend, C.K., for snapping this picture. (These kids are amazing with technology!)

More fun on Friday…. We’ve been discussing weather in class. My plan was to start off with hurricanes since this is current news in Texas. I figured I’d teach the students about hurricanes, but boy, they were the ones doing the teaching! I was so proud that they came to school with knowledge about what was going on in our world. **Kuddos, parents!** They had lots of information to offer about Hurricane Harvey. We extended out weather study with various types of weather including rain. Shaving cream + food coloring + water= one very cool science experiment. We found out that over time, too much condensation collections, becomes too heavy, and releases. This week we are continuing our weather study. Stay tuned for another super cool experiment you could try at home!

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Meet Our Crew

We thrived through our first full week. I must say, this group has some pretty cool kids! Take a moment to get to know them. (Click picture to enlarge for easier reading.)

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